Social Exclusion (PSA)

A problem that some classmates and I saw in our school is that of Social Exclusion. We did a lot of extensive research about it and decided that we should make a video PSA about it.

We got a lot of our research from all over the world– places like Australia, UK, and European Countries, but we wanted to focus on social exclusion in the United States. The research in the United States is a bit lacking, but we still felt like it needed to be addressed and this is how we addressed it.

Here are the resources we used for our research:

The Pain of Social Rejection.–Kristen Weir

Social Exclusion and Bullying.–Sameer Hinduja

Social Exclusion at School.— Quirky Kid Clinic

A New Bullying: Social Exclusion.–Dustin Petty

Social Life in Middle and High School: Dealing With Cliques and Bullies.–Joshua Mandel

Being Excluded.–Louises Burfitt-Dons

Shunning and Exclusion.— Irene Van Der Zande

It is important to pay attention to the things going on around you. And what is more important is knowing when to pick your fights.


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