About Me

Throughout the past semester of school, I have worked on a number of different creative projects, and each one expresses a small portion of who I am.

So, who is Hali Benabou?

Well, I am, first and foremost, an artist. I am working towards becoming an animator and my dream is to work for someone like Pixar or Dreamworks. I create a lot of my own original work and storylines but I also enjoy drawing fanart and sometimes doing real life portraits.

I am also a writer, and have done a lot of writing projects over the last semester. I like to freewrite and just get my ideas out but of late I have learned how to cohesively discuss what are the most important to me pertaining to the world around me.

Throughout this semester I have worked very hard on figuring out how to show my voice in what I write. I did not have a central theme that went throughout all the writings that I produced, but throughout each one of them I tried to learn and internalize the best ways to be persuasive and show my opinion in a way that would make sense to those who come in contact with me and with what I write.

Here you can go to my ePortfolio page where you can see all the different projects I have worked on throughout the past semester[LINKS AND IMAGES ARE BEING REVISED AND WILL BE ADDED SOON]

Throughout learning to revise and look at my writings with new eyes, I have learned that it is very important to take time in the things that are meaningful to you. It is important to let yourself be open to new ideas and different roads that you have not thought about before. My biggest discovery in revision is that revising does not mean that it is always necessary to add a lot or take away a lot from a certain project because a lot of what makes good writing so convincing is in the details.

In the course of this past year we have done a routine writing session at the beginning of almost every class. In the beginning I did not know what to write about so I treated my writing sessions as more of a venting/journal time rather that working towards getting better or improving my abilities as a writer. About half way through the year I decided to stop limiting myself and allow myself to create a story. I started a very in depth story about a tree in a forest, and this tree’s observation of the world around it. I felt like I was exploring a lot of new ideas with this story line and in my free time I would add more to the structure of the story. A few weeks after beginning this story I stopped writing about it because I needed a place where I could let out my feelings directly about myself instead of directing them into a specific story-line. I went back and forth between writing about how I felt and writing the story I had created. I think that I have improved some in my writing, but that in order to improve more rapidly I need to have a purpose that I am trying to achieve from the very start. So while I believe that I have improved slightly in my writing, if I seek to improve more in the future I need to set more of a centralized game plan instead of just going with whatever I feel is most relevant. Here are a couple of audio excerpts I recorded of my writing. WordPress will not let me upload an audio file so attached are two audio videos with my recordings in them.

Well, you have finally reached the end! I bet you didn’t think it would come. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about myself, what I do, and why I do it. If you have any curiosities, or just want a chat– maybe have a digital tea party– then feel free to contact me at hali.benabou@gmail.com


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